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Davie Impact Windows

DAVIE, FL is a beautiful city that is located in Broward county. Davie was founded in 1909 with the original name of Zona by Amara Toussaint and Jake Tannebaum. It is among the oldest towns in Florida. Davie has a good reputation and it has beautiful hitoric structures and perfectly designed homes. The wild architecture of Davie has made the place look beautiful and rustic. It is well equipped with interesting places like the Old Davie School of architects in the area. The only challenge is that Davie is exposed to hurricanes. Living in Davie you will have a problem with hurricanes and storms and possibly crime as well, impact windows can protect your home and family from both.

Impact windows are the best choice for Davie homeowners, protect your home by installing them by calling Impact Windows of Davie at 954-284-0419


Hurricanes and tropical storms are among the hazards that have brought fear among homeowners in Florida. If you are looking for a one time solution to protect your home from storms, impact windows are the clear choice. Take a look at this guide to the many benefits of impact windows. If you have lived in Davie for more than a year, you have probably already tried the basic methods of preventing damage; installing boards on windows, accordion shutters, and aluminum shutters. All of these plans have many disadvantages. For instance, the shutters and ply boards create barriers to the penetration of natural light thus making the homeowners uncomfortable. Accordion shutters need to be opened before the storms, and you will still need to open them after the storm, they limit your work and comfort in the house. All the above methods are not suitable; as a homeowner, you need an easy way that will make you feel at home even during a storm.

Why Use Impact Windows or Doors?

Impact windows and impact doors come with the easiest solution and have non of these limits. They enable you to live your life without worry as they function just like standard windows, but without the downfalls. Impact windows can withstand the strongest storms and hurricanes. As a homeowner when you need protection and security, these are the best to install. Impact windows are stable and of high quality and they prevent your home from being broken into by robbers. They also provide protection all year from unexpected storms and protection from hurricanes. Due to the security and quality of impact windows, the value of your home increases after installation, unlike accordion shutters, which can sometimes decrease a home’s value due to their ugly appearance. You don’t need to worry about hurricanes and intense storms anymore if you call Impact Windows of Davie at 954-284-0419

Be prepared, always, for hurricanes and storms by installing impact windows; they are worth the difference in home security besides being a hurricane and storm control measure. 

Call us at954-284-0419 any time for the best quotation on impact windows or doors in Davie. 

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